Clean Path New York Project Selected For Renewable Energy Award To Build Transmission And Clean Generation – Ensuring New York State’s Inclusive, Economically Vibrant Clean Energy Future

$11 Billion “All Renewable, All New York” Project Provides Economic, Environmental Justice and Public Health Benefits in Addition to Securing National Leadership Position on Climate Action

Selected Under York’s First Ever Tier 4 [] Solicitation, Most Significant U.S. Renewable Energy Infrastructure Investment in This Century

NEW YORK, NY - September 20, 2021 - Today Clean Path New York, an $11 billion clean energy infrastructure project, was selected by New York State to deliver more than 7.5 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of emissions-free energy annually downstate and into New York City. Clean Path New York is essential to meeting New York State’s nation-leading clean energy goals outlined in New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act of 2019, the Climate Act, while also providing immense economic, environmental justice and public health benefits to all New Yorkers.

Developed with environmental justice at its core, Clean Path New York will significantly reduce criteria air pollutants emitted from electric generation sources and avoid significant social and public health costs, with many of these benefits accruing to disadvantaged communities statewide. Clean Path New York will develop a $270 million investment fund to support workforce development and education programs, health services and efficiency and electrification retrofits.

Clean Path New York is creating a reimagined, inclusive energy future by bringing new clean power generation and state-of-the-art transmission to drive the shift away from fossil-based to low- and zero-carbon emission sources. This landmark infrastructure project combines a 1,300-megawatt, 174-mile underground high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line with over 3,400 megawatts of new wind and solar projects in upstate New York, with availability and reliability maximized by the existing Blenheim-Gilboa pumped storage facility. This investment in New York will deliver 8,300 clean energy and construction jobs exclusively in the state.

The Clean Path New York project was formed as a response to a request for proposals from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) aimed at increasing the penetration of renewable energy into New York City. The project is a partnership of the New York Power Authority, Invenergy and energyRe.

“With this award the Clean Path New York project team can proceed with ensuring that the communities that host these major new transmission and generation infrastructure investments have the opportunity to participate and thrive in New York’s clean energy economy,” said Gil C. Quiniones, President and CEO, New York Power Authority. “New York has not made this level of investment in energy infrastructure since the late 1950s to early 1960s. Clean Path New York will make New York a better place to live and work and will benefit all New Yorkers. This unprecedented energy project will have significant benefits for clean energy workforce development including local apprenticeships and MWBE programs. Clean Path New York also brings increased funding for health services and medical care and programs to help address legacy environmental impacts in disadvantaged communities.

“Developing a clean energy future is not only essential in the fight against climate change, it is also an economic opportunity that should directly benefit all New Yorkers across the state,” said Jeff Blau, Founding Partner of energyRe. “We at energyRe are proud to begin work on this critical project and to initiate a $270 million investment fund focused on health, education and job training to complement a public infrastructure project that will create a more environmentally just New York and employ thousands of New Yorkers in the process.”

“This landmark project will transform New York State, and indeed the nation, using renewable energy to deliver hugely positive impacts for citizens across New York for decades to come,” said Michael Polsky, Founder and CEO of Invenergy. “We are proud to add Clean Path New York to the expanding portfolio of Invenergy Transmission projects and that over half of the Clean Path New York generation portfolio are projects originally developed by Invenergy, and to build on our track record of working with public and private sector partners on energy infrastructure projects in New York and around the world that benefit the public for decades.”

Doreen M. Harris, President and CEO, NYSERDA said, “Major green energy generation and transmission efforts like the Clean Path NY project are advancing New York’s grid of the future to help power New York City with clean renewable wind and solar from Upstate, delivering significant health benefits by reducing harmful emissions and driving the state’s economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic. We look forward to partnering with Clean Path NY to ensure this project creates family-sustaining jobs for New Yorkers and brings community benefits to state’s most polluted and disadvantaged communities while accelerating the State’s progress toward achieving our Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act goals.”

The project team is committed to working with communities and stakeholders at every stage of development to ensure that local voices are sought and heard, for the wellbeing of communities and the project’s surrounding ecosystem.

Routing and environmental work is underway on the Clean Path New York transmission line route from Delaware County, in New York’s Southern Tier economic development region, through the Mid-Hudson region to New York City. A majority of the transmission line will be built on existing rights-of-ways already used by roads and transmission lines. The robust and comprehensive state planning process ensures that the transmission line will follow the most optimal route, taking into account potential community impact and environmental stewardship. In particular, Clean Path New York’s route is designed specifically to minimize potential impacts to the Hudson River and avoid Haverstraw Bay.

The New York Power Authority, Invenergy and energyRe each bring unique skills, assets and experience to Clean Path New York that ensures its success. The project’s developers are trusted leaders in New York’s energy industry with distinguished histories of achievement. The Clean Path New York team will leverage each entity’s best-in-class capabilities to ensure that New York State will continue its history of leading the way in climate action.

This project was selected for contract negotiation as part of the award under New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) Tier 4 renewable energy solicitation issued in January 2021. Once finalized, NYSERDA will submit the negotiated contract for the awarded project to New York’s Public Service Commission for consideration and approval. If the Tier 4 contract is approved, NYSERDA payments will not commence until the project has obtained all required permits and local approvals, is constructed and delivers power to New York City, which is expected to begin in 2027. The project’s completed transmission assets are expected to have a 70 year plus life expectancy.

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About energyRe

energyRe is an independent New York company focused on solving complex challenges and providing clean energy solutions. The team at energyRe has expertise in infrastructure, engineering, and real estate and its founding investors include principals of Related Companies. Guided by the values of community engagement, government partnership, and a demonstrated commitment to sustainability, energyRe is working towards a clean energy future for all New Yorkers.

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We are innovators building a sustainable world. Invenergy has successfully developed more than 29,000 megawatts of large-scale sustainable energy generation and storage facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia and is delivering clean energy to market through its growing portfolio of Invenergy Transmission projects. Since its first New York wind farm began operating in 2009, Invenergy has been helping build New York’s renewable energy future and today employs New Yorkers at its regional office in Ithaca and at four operating energy facilities. For more information, please visit [].

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NYPA is the largest state public power organization in the nation, operating 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines. More than 80 percent of the electricity NYPA produces is clean renewable hydropower. NYPA owns and operates approximately one third of New York’s high voltage power lines. These lines transmit power from NYPA’s three large hydroelectric generation facilities and independent wind power generation facilities, connecting nearly 7,000 megawatts of renewable energy to New York State’s power grid. This includes connecting more than 6,300 megawatts of hydroelectric power and about 700 megawatts, or more than a third, of New York State generated wind energy to the grid. NYPA uses no tax money or state credit. It finances its operations through the sale of bonds and revenues earned in large part through sales of electricity. For more information visit [] and follow us on Twitter [] @NYPAenergyFacebook []Instagram []Tumblr [] and LinkedIn [].

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