Community Benefits

Through the construction and operation of the transmission line and by developing wind and solar assets exclusively in New York State, the Clean Path NY project will lift the state and local economies, lower energy costs for New Yorkers, and create more than 8,300 jobs.

Clean Path NY is committed to working with union labor as a partner to bring clean energy directly to New York City. All of the generation developed under the project is generated in New York State – providing an opportunity to increase employment while investing in communities across the State.

For far too long frontline communities in disadvantaged areas have borne the environmental and health burdens that result from powering our lives with fossil fuels. By reducing fossil fuel-fired generation by 22% per year statewide, Clean Path NY will significantly reduce criteria air pollutants emitted from electric generation sources.

Clean Path NY’s new transmission line will reduce congestion on the bulk power system and its clean energy generation has no cost of fuel (because sunshine and wind are free).

But cleaning the air and reducing electric bills is not enough to ensure frontline communities participate fully in the opportunities presented by the transition to clean energy. In order to support a just transition and to deliver meaningful climate justice outcomes, Clean Path NY will constitute a $270 million community investment fund that will be directed by a stakeholder-driven process to make investments in communities across New York focused on workforce development, education, community health, and environmental stewardship.



new jobs created in
New York State


49 million

tons of CO2 Emissions
eliminated Statewide



reduction in fossil fuel-fired generation

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